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Paint Project

The right paint can make all the difference, for both the inside and outside of your home. Choosing the right brand, color, finish, tools—and quantity—mean asking the right questions before you start. Want to try before you buy? Request a coupon for a free half-pint of paint!

Interior & Exterior Paint

Before you start your interior or exterior paint project, know how to plan by considering these 3 things you should do before every paint project.

Before You Paint

Consider the type of room you’re painting. For kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, moisture- and mold-resistance is a good idea. Playrooms and living rooms often require washable paint. In bedrooms, a satin finish will be a priority. If you plan to leave the wood grain showing, a stain will do the job. Some smaller interior jobs call for spray paint. Take pictures and measure your room, then stop in so our experts can advise you with color suggestions to match your preferences, lifestyle, and room plans, as well as how to prep your room before you paint. Choosing a professional brand like Benjamin Moore will give you better coverage (so you won’t need to buy as much) and easier cleanup than cheaper brands.

What We Carry

We have primer, paint, and stain for any type of wall. With information about each room, wall types, light, and more, our paint experts can help you plan out your paint project. Stop in to see our wide selection of colors under realistic lighting.

We also carry a full supply of paint brushes, rollers, trays, drop cloths, masking tape, and all the tools and supplies you need to get your job done. We can help you choose the best equipment for your application and skill level.

FREE Interior Paint Sample

Make sure you have the right color with a free half-pint sample of Benjamin Moore interior paint (a $5.99 value). Simply provide your email address and watch your inbox for a coupon for your free paint!

Interior House Colors

Choose from thousands of colors, or use our color matching technology to find the perfect colors for your interior project. Our experts can help, and even offer you professional recommendations to coordinate with other paint colors, upholstery, furniture, and more, as well as show you how your colors will look under different lighting conditions. Check out our full range of colors, and what colors are trending in interior design this year.

Exterior Paint Planning

Before you paint, measure your home, and make notes about your siding materials, number of windows, and any special requirements. Our expert staff will help you find the right finish, color, paint or stain, tools, and supplies, along with tips and advice for time- and labor-saving techniques. Choosing a higher-quality paint preferred by the pros, like Benjamin Moore, can also mean fewer coats, saving you time and money. Want to match your current color? Bring in a sample; we can use our color matching technology.

Exterior House Colors

From a wide array of durable and rich color choices to color matching, we’ll help you find exactly what you need for your house or building. We’ll show you how your chosen house colors will look under our natural outdoor lights. We can also give you color ideas for accents, shutters, and even multiple-color house paint color schemes.

Ready to start your project?

Make an appointment or ask our experts any question you might have.

Need a Contractor?

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