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JAY-K carries a 6x6x20ft pressure treated timber in stock. The actual measurement of the item is 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 20 ft. The 6x6x20 is treated for exterior use and will have a green tint to it. JAY-K can also special order timbers of this size cut to order from many different species of wood including Cedar and Fir. These are ordered to specifications provided to us by the customer and priced accordingly. They can be ordered with rough or smooth surfaces for cosmetic reasons if they are going to be left exposed to view. There would be a lead time associated with special orders that would have to be determined when ordered.

The 1×6 cedar JAY-K stocks is a D-Select grade. A 1×6 board would measure 7/8” thick x 5 1/2” wide and is rough on one side and smooth on the other three. These boards are pretty nice.  You wrote “CVG” in your inquiry. CVG refers to “clear vertical grain”. While JAY-K’s boards are clear, they are not vertical grain. In my opinion, this should not be an issue, as clear is probably more important than vertical grain. We should have 14’ pieces in stock. We likely can source 1×6 CVG. These boards would measure 5/8” thick and 5 1/2” wide, and would be smooth on all 6 sides. The cedar deck boards we stock will have knots, which may rule them out. They would measure 1 1/8” thick x 5 1/2” wide. The edges on the boards are eased (rounded), which is typical of a deck board. We have 8’, 12’ and 16’ in stock.

A 12’ x 13’ room with a presumed 8’ height (not including windows and doors) would require a minimum 2 gallons to cover in two coats, with a spread rate of 350-400 sq ft per gallon. Typically rooms such as bedrooms, offices, and family spaces use an Eggshell with a subtle luster, or Matte which is a washable flat enamel, with Semi-Gloss reserved for trim work and doors. If you desire a higher sheen for the walls, Satin is a good choice, very durable and easy to clean. We have sheen charts in our color showroom to better display their differences to help in your decision.

Primer has some advantages over a self-priming paint. The primer can bond, seal, and in some cases hide better than a finish coat. You have a significant color change from a deep teal to a red-orange so we would recommend using a tinted deep base primer and either one or two coats of finish for the best job.

We stock a similar product called Homosote 440 SoundBarrier®. These panels are made from 100% environmental cellulose fiber that protects against termites, rot, and fungi, and has a resistance to moisture. The panels are lightweight and easy to install, great for residential and commercial uses, provide superior sound control for both metal and wood stud walls, and come in a variety of sizes—including 4’ x 8’.

Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for using inside of a sauna. It is resistant to warping from the heat and moisture within the sauna, has a beautiful appearance, and smells great! We carry a variety of Red Cedar options including D Select grade boards, Tongue and Groove in Knotty Select grade, and Decking boards. We have a variety of lengths and sizes in our Lumber Yard but if you need particular sizes, grades, and/or patterns, we are happy to get you what you need.

At JAY-K Lumber, we provide railing options from a variety of manufacturers including Trex, Fortress, and Xpanse. Railings from each manufacturer are available in vinyl, composite, steel, and aluminum. We also offer railing styles in our Lumber Yard made from both pressure treated wood and Western Red Cedar. Because the combinations of colors and styles are nearly limitless, we encourage you to stop in to see what we have, what we can order, and to speak with one of our Experts about the look you are going for.

Log siding is available through our Special Order program. There are various options in wood species and grades, vinyl, and colors. It is a great idea to plan ahead ordering log siding so you can give yourself enough time for the materials to arrive for your project.

We are happy to order James Hardie siding for you in Cedar panels and HARDIETRIM® Batten Boards. For similar results, we can also order LP® SmartSide® siding. All of these mentioned options are made from wood that is engineered to resist rot and decay. For an alternative to wood that has equal protection, we suggest looking at Everlast siding. Everlast is made of an advanced composite that is the most durable siding on the market, and impervious to moisture – unlike James Hardie siding. Stop in and see our Everlast displays and samples!

JAY-K Lumber does have whole-house water filtration systems on-hand, with filters that will remove down to 5 micron of sediment. We can also order inexpensive filters that remove down to 1 micron of sediment. Iron, however, is often smaller than 1 micron and may require softeners in your water. A great local company to inquire about removing iron from your water is Mohawk Valley Water Consultants. You can reach them at (315) 316-8527.

All of JAY-K Lumber’s pressure treated lumber is rated for ground contact. Our 4” x 6” and 6” x 6” lumber is treated at an even higher level. When it comes to the big box stores, not all of their offerings are the same as one another. For example, one store treats all of their lumber for ground contact, as we do, but another store does not. As always, no matter where you purchase your lumber, you will want to verify exactly what you are getting and make sure it’s the best option for your project.

The main point to consider when deciding between using anchor or concrete footings is this: concrete footings offer a larger surface area to land header/beams on, whereas anchor footings need to be screwed in dead-on. Concrete footers are more forgiving, offering a little wiggle room. Screw anchors do not offer any wiggle room.

One of our favorite paints for ceilings is Benjamin Moore Ultra Flat Waterborne Ceiling Paint. It is extra-flat and therefore doesn’t accentuate imperfections, brush strokes, or roller marks.

JAY-K Lumber stocks 18mm 4’ x 8’ C2 Import Birch plywood that comes either in full sheets or cut to the size that you need. We are happy to order 18mm and ¾” Domestic and Baltic Birch plywood for you. While nearly identical in textural appearance, Baltic Birch has twice as many plies as Domestic. They also come in different sheet sizes when ordering full. Domestic Birch comes in 4’ x 8’ while Baltic Birch comes in sheets of 5’ x 5’.

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