Making An Impact With Lighting

Create a beautiful space with dramatic and functional lighting design

Every room inside your home, and the outside as well, can benefit from better, more dramatic lighting. Make a bigger impact in every room with these simple tips.

Lighting Design Tips
How do those famous decorators take a home from drab to dramatic with a few simple lighting changes? They replace or add light fixtures for more style, more drama, better accents, and better functional lighting for everything you do.

1. First Impressions
The outside and inside of any entryway is where you make your first impression. Choose fixtures that match the style of your home, and accent your décor from the moment your guests enter. Chandeliers, stylish ceiling fixtures, and sconces can all be chosen or combined for the size and style of your entryway.

2. Overlapping Zones
Think of light from the top down: start with general area lighting, then accent each “zone” in your room. Overhead light gives you room-wide coverage, then task lights (tables, desks, beds, countertops, vanities) can make functional and stylistic statements. To add a decorator’s touch or create focal points in any room, use reflected or spot lighting to make top features stand out, like spotlighted artwork, under cabinets, or reflected on the ceiling.

3. Make Your Statement With Style
Hanging or pendant lights add dramatic spots in your room (which can also be functional), and can take your décor up a level with bold and dramatic styling. Multiple lights at different levels, or one dramatic design can give you countless ways to express yourself. Adding dimmers in any room can give you flexibility for lighting just right for the time of day, task, and mood.

4. Make Morning Magical
From the moment you step in your bathroom, your vanity and fixture lighting becomes functional and emotional, lighting your face for makeup application, and grooming. Include bright lights that won’t cast shadows, and add wall sconces for a dramatic flair.

5. Match Lighting To Your Surfaces
Have a larger table or long countertops? Light along their length with a series of pendants or undercabinet lighting. Make sure you place them for uniform illumination, and colors to fit the mood of each room and surface.

6. Go With The Flow
When traveling from room to room in your home, your light fixtures should feel as if they all work together. While they don’t need to match, they should coordinate stylistically, and the color temperature and quality of light should be consistent throughout.

With your own sense of style, and some help from the experts when you need it, you’ll be making your home into the showpiece you’ve always wanted.

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