How to Choose the Right Window Style

The windows you choose will have a lasting impact on not only your comfort and enjoyment of your home, but your curb appeal as well. Choosing the right windows from the start ensures you get the look, qualities, and style you want and will enjoy for years to come. From selecting the styles that best match your home’s architecture to determining your privacy and home interior needs, these tips will help you choose the perfect windows for your home.

Learn the Different Window Types and Names
Do you know what you like, but not sure what it’s called? Learning the names and styles of the most popular windows can help you relay your preferences to your installer(s).

Popular Window Types

Double Hung: The most common type; both the top and lower pane can be moved.

Single Hung: Only the lower pane moves.

Casement: A casement window is hinged and opens like a door.

Awning: An awning opens from the top, providing cover but allowing air to enter.

Glider: Panes slide to open—a clean look and great space-saving design.

Bay: Both types of bay windows extend outward, allowing maximum light to enter the home.

Corner: Turns a corner—ideal for showcasing an amazing view.

Specialty (shapes): Designed to highlight specific features or add light where it is needed most.

Round top: A decorative window with a curved top, often above a door or all types of windows.

Tilt Turn and Hopper: A multifunction Euro Style window that tilts in or out.

Contemporary Studio: Large, modern styles that can span entire walls and let in more light.

Consider Your Architecture Your home has a distinctive look and design that makes it stand out; the windows you choose should complement this style. The types of windows you choose can conflict with your home’s exterior or elevate it to new heights—considering the overall design of your home ensures you love the finished project.

What Do You Want Them to Do? While all windows let in light and allow you to see a view, they can also allow you to access the outdoors or let in a breeze. It is easier to choose the types of window panes that will serve you best if you know what you want most.

Consider Both Mullions and Frames Choosing from the distinct types of windows is just the start; consider your frames and mullions as well. (A mullion is that vertical support in a window that separates panes or sections.) These add both color and detail to your home, and can be designed to enhance your existing exterior.

Light and Ventilation If you have areas with low light—like a basement—a window can add light or allow for ventilation without wasting power. When choosing among the types of windows, consider the amount of ventilation and light you’d like to naturally enter this space.

Choose the Right Types of Windows for Your Interior The exterior of your home may be the primary factor in your decision-making process, but the types of windows you choose will also have an impact on your home’s interior. Consider your home décor, view, and more when you look at different house windows types.

The right windows will enhance your home both inside and out, keep you comfortable year round, and satisfy your needs. If you have an idea of the look you like or the functionality you want, start there—and then check with your installer and JAY-K Lumber expert to make sure the windows you like are truly the right ones for your home. You’ll live with these windows for a long time, so taking the time to choose the right ones is the best way to ensure you’re happy with your home.

For more information, start on our Windows Department page, then stop in for great advice from a JAY-K Lumber window expert, or ask them a question now.

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