Bedroom Paint Project

Interior Painting Tips

A color change can transform a bedroom completely, and revitalize the room where we spend the most time. Want it to be more intimate? More cheerful? Warm and comforting? We can help.

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Your color palette will depend on whose bedroom you’re transforming (parents, single professional, kids, in-laws), and other qualities of your bedroom, like layout, light, fabrics, features, and more. While you may start with a new color for the bedroom walls, adding a subtle color change to your ceiling can also bring a whole new dimension to the room. Our paint pros have decades of experience in the paint business, and know how different colors can affect your mood, change with the light, and coordinate with wood, accents, and fabric colors in your bedroom. Stop in and bring samples if you have them—of carpeting, drapes, bedspreads, stained wood—and give us your paint ideas, or ask how we can help transform your inner sanctum with some strategic wall painting ideas from the experts. 

Bedroom Paint Finishes

From flat or matte to satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss, your choice for finish can change any bedroom, from an elegant, softer master suite to a fun child’s room with washable walls, to standout details in trim and railings. Depending on your current paint color, condition, and finish, we may recommend a primer or prep method to make your job easier, provide a better finish, and give you better coverage.

Bedroom Paint Equipment

Depending on how far your makeover will go (walls, ceilings, trim, and more), we’ll make sure you leave with the right equipment and supplies to get your whole job done right—without extra trips to the store. From brushes or rollers to trays, drop cloths, painter’s masking tape, and labor-saving tools, we carry everything you’ll need. Before you come in, measure your room, then bring any samples and pictures of your bedroom with you, and we’ll recommend the best wall paint for your room.

Learn more about our products, and how you can save time and effort on your bedroom paint project, by visiting our Paint Department page, asking our experts a question, then stopping in to the store.

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