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The Expert’s Corner

Ep. 26, Planning Factors That Go Into Kitchen Remodeling

Ep. 25, Time Factors That Go Into Kitchen Remodeling

Ep. 24, Cost Factors That Go Into Kitchen Remodeling

Ep. 23, How Much Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost

Ep. 22, Key Topics for Shower Remodeling

Ep. 21, Steps to Take for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Ep. 20, When Should I Replace My Roof?

Ep. 19, Roofing Materials, Warranty, and Delivery

Ep. 18, Grilling Maintenance and Accessories

Ep. 17, Types of Grills and How They’re Different

Ep. 16, Using Pressure-Treated Lumber for Garden Beds and Underground

Ep. 15, Best Practices for Pressure-Treated Lumber

Ep. 14, What is Pressure-Treated Lumber?

Ep. 13, Advantages of a Drive-Thru Lumber Yard

Ep. 12, Can You Paint Exterior Metal or Brick?

Ep. 11, Best Practices for Exterior Paint or Stain

Ep. 10, Differences Between Exterior and Interior Paint

Ep. 9, What Are Some Benefits of Trex Decking?

Ep. 8, What Is Trex Decking?

Ep. 7, How Do You Design a Deck?

Ep. 6, How Do You Finish Shiplap?

Ep. 5, How Do You Install Shiplap?

Ep. 4, What’s The Cost/Styles Of Shiplap?

Ep. 3, What Is Shiplap And How Is It Used?

Ep. 2, When’s the Best Time for a Project?

Ep. 1, Lumber Pricing Improving