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Make any room beautiful

The look of natural, reclaimed barn or aged building wood for interior walls can make a room stunning, though the problems with reclaimed wood cladding keep many people from adding it to their décor.

The perfect solution: manufactured cladding. It’s virtually indistinguishable from reclaimed wood, and provides years of beauty and worry-free protection.

Manufactured Cladding
Using only heat and steam, manufacturers like Thermory use a thermal modification process to enhance natural wood and create an attractive, durable, long-lasting board. The resulting cladding is true wood that is highly rot-resistant without sacrificing strength or pliability, boasts reduced absorbency, and provides real longevity with rich, beautiful color.

Why Manufactured Cladding?
You want durable and reliable natural wood cladding, but you want it to be gorgeous, and age beautifully as well. You want real, natural wood.

Reclaimed wood—sustainable, strong, and beautiful—has become very popular. Recovered from old barns, factories and warehouses, it is aged, recycled wood. It sometimes requires a large amount of processing, and there’s wide variations in quality, stability, and reliability. It can be attractive, solid, and strong, but there are also a lot of unknowns, even with the most expensive brands, and they don’t always live up to expectations.

That’s where manufactured cladding really excels. Made from real wood, manufactured cladding, creates a brand new product combining the elegant, refined look and texture of reclaimed wood, with unrivaled stability and durability, and rich, beautiful color. These new products perfectly simulate the weathered look, texture, and distinctive patina of reclaimed wood, without all the risks and uncertainty that age, weather, reclamation, and processing bring. Manufactured cladding also gives you a choice of natural colors, and the boards fit with no unnatural gaps, so it’s much more stable on your walls. It also provides an insulative layer that mismatched wood does not.

A rich, stunning look can be yours. Create a sophisticated space anywhere in your home with this unmatched cladding.

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