Making an Impact with Cambria Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are synonymous with strength and beauty.

If you want a beautiful kitchen that makes a lasting impression, Cambria Quartz for your countertop is a great choice. While many countertop choices (like marble or solid surface materials) come with compromises, you don’t have to settle when you choose quartz.

Why Quartz Countertops?
Anyone who has seen a quartz countertop can attest to its beauty. But why choose it over other surface materials?

Quartz is much harder than many other countertop options, such as marble, solid surface, soapstone, and laminate. That means it is less likely to scratch, chip or stain, and will give you worry-free performance. Granite sometimes requires re-sealing to prevent staining, while marble can’t be sealed at all against staining. Not only that, but some everyday items like ketchup and olive oil will etch the polish off marble tops.

But if you love marble, quartz has come a long way to replicating the look of marble varieties such as Carrara and Calacatta. See for yourself below!

Quartz is also very easy to take care of. Use regular soap and water to clean, and that’s it!

How are Quartz Countertops made?
Quartz countertops, while mostly natural material, are actually a man-made product. Natural quartz is mined and then ground up. Next epoxy and colorant are added. The mixture is then compressed under immense heat and pressure to create slabs. Quartz tops are made with 93% quartz, and 7% combined dye and epoxy. The more clear the raw quartz, the more vibrant the final color can be. Also, the higher the quality of epoxy used, the stronger the final product. Companies like Cambria use only the best quartz and epoxy. It shows in the final product. Cambria proudly boasts some of the most vivid designs in the quartz industry.

Why wait?
If you’re ready for a kitchen that makes a real impact and will serve you well for years to come, quartz countertops are a fantastic choice.

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