Porch Flooring Options

Choosing the right flooring boards

When you are building or rebuilding your porch, the flooring you choose has to last for years. You want porch flooring to look beautiful while it endures the traffic of many feet, holds up in sunlight, cold, possibly rain, and more. JAY-K Lumber offers a number of options in wood and composite for any porch.

Porch flooring is almost always tongue-and-groove, with each board fitting tight to its neighbor. Flooring board width is most often 4” (actual width 3 1/2” including the tongue, 3 1/4″ across the face). Thickness is either 1” (actual thickness 3/4”) or 5/4” (actual thickness 1 1/8”).

JAY-K stock offerings in the most popular choices are shown below. There are other sizes, colors, species, and options available. If you’re looking for something different, please speak with one of our experts about other options.


Aeratis Heritage Porch Flooring is a solid-extruded cellular PVC tongue-and-groove porch plank. Aeratis gives you the flexibility for covered and uncovered environments, while providing traditional and historical design options. JAY-K Lumber stocks grey, which needs no finishing or maintenance (other than as-needed cleaning).

In stock: gray 1×4 & 1×6, 12’ & 16’ 


Fir flooring is the classic, traditional porch flooring, known for beautiful, tight, straight vertical grain, dimensional stability, and superior strength. Although fir porch floors are frequently painted, they can also be stained with clear or tinted stain.

In stock: 1×4, 5/4×4 clear vertical grain, 6’-16′

Dark Red Meranti

Meranti flooring is mahogany with dense, fine grain and rich, creamy brown color tones. Hard, durable, and dimensionally stable, it’s a good option for high traffic applications and unfinished applications. Meranti is often left natural/unfinished, which will weather to silver with exposure, or finished with a clear stain, which will help maintain the rich colors.

In stock: 1×4, 7’, 8’, 10’, and 12’

For more porch flooring options and more information, start on our Lumber Department page, then stop in to our Lumber Department for expert advice. Have questions before then? Ask one of our experts about the best approach to your project.