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Painting Outside

When your house exterior, outbuilding, or deck needs a new coat of paint or stain, we know it can be a little intimidating to find the best approach. Can you paint over vinyl siding? Will paint work on a pressure-treated deck? Does the old stain need to be removed before applying new stain? Will latex paint work over oil-based paint? No need to worry: our paint experts have you covered. From start to professional-looking finish, we can help you find the best approach to your outside project, the best paint for the job, the right tools, and even tips for getting the job done. We’re your best resource for exterior paint.

Exterior Paint Planning

When you’re ready to paint your house, choose from our strong selection of exterior paint products. You’ll receive professional advice from our staff, to find the right finish, color, paint or stain, tools and supplies, along with tips and advice for time- and labor-saving techniques. Want to match your current color? We can use our color matching technology. Concerned about the environment? Our low VOC products help you and your family enjoy your new home worry-free. Begin with your free Paint Planning Checklist using the form to the right.   

Exterior House Paint

Our paint department experts have years of experience, and are at your service for recommending paint and stain ideas, finishes, colors, tools, and techniques. We can find you the primer and paint you need for any siding, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, brick, and more. We offer a full range of latex and oil-based paints, and the best exterior paints for easy application, better coverage, moisture- and mold-resistance, and durability under a wide range of weather conditions. Finishing a deck or other natural grain wood? We offer a full range of deck stain and wood stain, and finishes for your natural wood project. We can also give you tips on for staining a deck, and techniques for best stain application and coverage.

Exterior House Colors

Our experts can help you make color choices for your home or building, to meet your preferences and style. From durable and rich color choices to color matching, paint techniques, and supplies, we have the expertise to help you get your house painting done right. House colors can display differently under different light, so we’ll show you how yours will look under our natural outdoor lights. We can also give you color ideas for accents, shutters, and even multiple-color house paint color schemes. Request your Free Paint Planning Checklist, so you have everything you need when you visit.

Exterior Paint Tools and Equipment

To make your exterior paint or stain project easier, we carry a full supply of exterior paint brushes, rollers, and ladders for every project, as well as trays, drop cloths, masking tape, and any other tools and supplies you’ll need for the job. Our paint professionals will discuss the trade-offs between utility, quality, and cost, to help you choose the best equipment for your house or building, skill level, surface, and application.

Exterior Stain

When you have a wood building, wood siding, wood deck, or other outside surface you need to stain, ask our paint department. We’re as well-versed in stain types, finishes, colors, and application as we are on paint. If you’re considering colors for your deck or other outdoor wood structure, we carry durable, high-quality stains from a natural translucent look, semi-transparent, semi-solid, all the way to solid colors to achieve your best wood stain look. We can help you choose the right stain for what you want as a finished product, get you set up with the best materials for cleaning and preparing your wood surfaces, and the supplies for getting it all done. We’ll give you the best stain approach for your exterior structure.

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