Choosing the Right Type of Door

Creating a home both beautiful and functional

The doors you choose for your home may seem like a minor detail, but you’ll actually look at and use them daily. The doors you choose for your interior and exterior will have a lasting impact on the look, feel, and usability of your home. Learning about the different types of doors, from those that allow entry from the outside to the interior doors that provide privacy within your home, can help you make the best choices for your needs.

Exterior or Entry Doors
Exterior doors come in a number of styles, depending on the location. Entry doors, including front doors and side doors, are most often hinged single doors, while porch or patio doors are more often sliders (or gliders), or French doors to let in more of the view. Since they connect to the outdoors, they are better insulated, heavier duty materials and construction, and feature solid cores or double-pane insulated glass.

8 Types of Doors
The materials your doors are made from will vary based on where the door is intended to be used and its purpose. Wood, glass, fiberglass, and other materials affect a door and make it more suited to indoor or exterior use. The features, materials, and style of the door all help determine if it is ideally suited for use in your home. Here we cover the most popular types, their features, and uses.

Hinged Single Door
The most popular interior door, this lightweight door is mounted on hinges, and swings. This type of door can also be used as an exterior door, but will be thicker and heavier, and have three hinges instead of two.

Flush Door
A slab or panel made of lightweight materials, sometimes with a veneer or thin slice of hardwood. If this door has a veneer, it could be stained; otherwise it is generally painted to match your home. An interior flush door is usually hollow, while an exterior door will be heavier and made from fiberglass, metal, or a combination of materials.

Panel door
The traditional front door with several panels providing depth and interest, this door can also have surface modeling and details. Depending on the materials, a panel door can be modern or traditional, and used inside or out.

French and Hinged Patio Doors
This is actually two doors in a set, usually featuring glass panels. Often used to highlight a beautiful room or more commonly, a magnificent view, they work well for patios, decks, and porches. French doors fit well with most décor styles.

Hinged French doors provide easy entry from the porch in a Victorian home

Bifold Door
Used primarily for closets more than 5 feet wide, a pair of bifold doors allows full access to the space. It does not need the swing room that a traditional hinged door requires, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Louvers, glass panels, and wood panels are just a few types of bifold doors.

Storm Doors and Screen Doors
Storm doors, often featuring glass, a screen, or both, can enhance security, and allow you to eliminate drafts and enjoy the view. The screen door allows air flow while keeping bugs and other critters out. Choose a storm door that complements your existing door, and your home style.

Sliding or Gliding Patio doors
Typically used to give you access to the outdoors, sliding doors are made of large panes of glass to let in light and allow you to take in the view. While they may take up as much space as a pair of French doors, only one side slides open.

A large kitchen blends glass walls and windows with swinging French doors for a magnificent view

Our experts can help you choose a door that complements your home, fits into the space, and is made from the right material for the job. Together, we’ll make sure you’re delighted with the finished project, and enjoy your doors year after year.

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