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Except for new construction (a new home or a new addition), installing new home windows generally means replacement windows. New construction windows include nail fin frames, in order to nail them directly to the studs. While we have a full complement of new construction windows, this section covers our replacement windows for the majority of our homeowner customers.

Why Install Replacement Windows?

Replacing your windows can help you in many ways. Our Energy Star-certified replacement windows will lower your monthly energy bills, and eventually pay for themselves. They also make your home much quieter, less drafty, more attractive, and lower maintenance, since most replacement windows won’t need to be painted. They’re easier to clean than old windows, and with combination storm windows and screens, can reduce the environmental impact of your home. Use the form on this page to request a free Window Planning Checklist.

Vinyl Windows

By far our most popular windows are vinyl or vinyl clad replacement windows. Vinyl windows are chosen for their combination of look, cost, and efficiency, but your choice will depend on your personal priorities. They strike a sweet spot between attractive appearance, low maintenance, relatively low cost, and easy installation. While wood, aluminum, and other materials have definite advantages, vinyl will give you many years of maintenance-free performance. Use the form on this page, or stop in to the store, to ask one of our experts about the trade-offs.

How to Choose the Best Windows

We can explain the many options available, including materials, like vinyl windows, wood, and vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass cladding; insulated glass, low-E coatings, and glazes to improve efficiency; U-factor/value, a measure of heat retention; and styles, like double-hung, sliders, casement windows and more, not to mention grilles and other decorative features. There are always choices like tilt-in sashes for easier cleaning, half vs. full screens, and coarser or finer screen mesh. They can all affect efficiency, light and air flow, and of course, cost. With a variety of brands and styles, we’ll help you decide what combination of features fits your home, your personal style, your wants and needs, and your budget. Want to make it easier? Use the form on this page to request a free Window Planning Checklist.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

The factors that can affect the cost of installing replacement windows in your home include the number of windows, the type and size of the windows, and all of the style and feature considerations mentioned above. Installation cost is another potential line item, depending on if you use a contractor or install them yourself. Price doesn’t always reflect performance, and we can shed light on your best choices for the money.

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