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Replacement Siding

The siding you choose for your home is one of the most important decisions for any home project. What you choose should be a style that you love to look at, be proud to show, and best protects your home from the elements. Here are the features to consider when choosing the right siding for your home.

Siding Types

The type of siding you choose will determine every other factor in regards to the overall project: cost, durability, appearance, installation, and maintenance. Our Experts will gladly explain the differences between siding types such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement, engineered wood, metal, and synthetic or manufactured stone.


The various types of siding all provide drastically different looks to your home. Color choices, light reflection, and the material’s aesthetic will all come into play when giving your home its unique look.


Our Experts will also help you understand which siding types hold up against the different elements Mother Nature has to offer. Having a siding that keeps your home safe and comfortable during the rainy seasons, relentless sun-filled summers, and harsh winters will give you peace of mind.


Ideally, you’ll want a siding that requires low maintenance. From dirt to moisture, from wind to wear-and-tear, it’s important to know which siding types hold up better than others. We’ll help you figure that out!

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