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Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your bathroom design or ready to start your project, make sure you’re considering all of these features.

Bathroom Layout

Do you plan to maintain the existing floor plan, or are you considering extensive changes to the overall layout of your bathroom?

Shower or Bath

Does your bathroom remodel keep the existing shower or bath, or are you considering installing something new? From combined shower-bathtub enclosures to standalone vintage or modern bathtubs, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.


Will you be replacing or moving the current toilet, or will you be keeping the toilet as is? (Keep in mind that moving your toilet is a major undertaking that involves plumbing, construction skills, and more.)

Cabinets or Vanities

Your biggest choices involve bathroom vanities and cabinets. There are beautiful options for each to match your style and sensibility, your practical concerns, and your budget. Choose from a variety of cabinets, including singles and doubles, as well as different wood types, cabinet styles, and convenience features.

Free Bathroom Planning Checklist

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Do you plan to update the countertops in your bathroom? You’ll see a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from.


Modern bathroom sinks and faucets can make your new design really stand out. Consider updating your sink with a new design from a top brand like Delta as part of your bathroom remodel.


Your flooring will coordinate with the rest of your bathroom, so choosing new flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought. Consider making your floor choice a part of your bathroom design early in the process.


If you plan to update your bathroom lighting as part of your remodel, make sure you choose the right lighting fixtures to match your new bathroom style.


Choosing a new paint color can be the perfect finishing touch, and bring your entire bathroom remodel together. Choose the right brand, like Benjamin Moore, for better coverage, and find the right finish and color for your new design.

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