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Spruce Lumber

Spruce is lightweight yet strong, making it a great lumber choice for structural construction and framing use. As one of the strongest and straightest softwoods there is, spruce can take on external stresses, allowing your projects to hold up for years.

Benefits of Spruce Lumber

Spruce is used for a wide variety of projects because of its reliability. What makes it so reliable? These benefits are why builders like to use spruce as a main go-to for their big project needs.

  • Strength – Spruce is a dense wood which makes it able to withstand a high pounds-per-square-inch. Its hardness and high resin count also help prevent it from cracking. This makes spruce a great choice for beams, shelves, door frames, window frames, pallets, and studs.
  • Texture – Spruce is one of the straightest, smoothest, and cleanest pieces of lumber you will come across. With a light, golden hue, spruce’s natural color makes for a very clean appearance. Its smooth grain absorbs stains and paints extremely well and is also wonderful for gluing applications.
  • Weight – Spruce lumber is very light, making it easy to work with on projects that require lifting. In fact, the very first airplane made by the Wright Brothers was made of spruce!
  • Affordability – Spruce is widely available at lower costs than most lumber choices.

Common Projects Using Spruce Lumber

Due to its availability, strength, and lightweight, spruce is used on many indoor applications.

  • Framing – Spruce is strong enough to build your home’s framing with. Because of its sound strength, spruce can hold your walls and roof frames together, while also holding nails in place better than many other lumber choices. Complimentary to spruce framing, Douglas Fir is also great for building’s framing and the two can be used interchangeably.
  • Furniture – Building furniture out of spruce offers a reliable source of stability, ease of moving, and the opportunity to stain, paint, or leave its natural color out for all to see.
  • Moulding and trim – Since spruce has a nice range of natural hues, it makes an excellent accent to walls and ceilings. Because it takes on stains and paints so well, it adds another level of versatility when decorating rooms, door frames, and window frames when used as trim.
  • Crates – Whether you need to make crates for your business or you like to make them as decorative storage and shelving units, spruce is a terrific fit for this application. Spruce’s lightweight makes them easier to move while its strength protects what you have inside.

Handling, Safety Tips, and Maintenance

  • Sawdust & debris – Clean all remnants of your construction and dispose of them properly. For any leftover pieces of raw lumber, contact a wood-waste dealer or your local waste disposal provider for details on recycling or repurposing. Untreated scraps of spruce can also be burned in your fire pit.
  • Protective gear – Wear a dust mask and goggles when cutting any lumber.
  • Painting & staining – Be sure to give your spruce a good wipe down to get rid of any remaining sawdust or lint before applying stains or paints.

Spruce Lumber Dimensions and Current Stock

View the chart below to see what we currently have in stock:

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