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Where do the pros shop for lumber? Right here at JAY-K Lumber. We are your local independent lumber and building materials dealer, but when it comes to high quality materials at competitive pricing, we have an edge over our competition. That’s because we’re part of LMC (Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation), a leading Forest Products and Building Materials Buying group in the USA. This “Billion Dollar Buying Power”—combined with sharp purchasing strategies—provides us with an edge over the competition, and gives you value-added solutions for any building or remodeling need.


Shop for lumber that gives you value-added solutions for any building or remodeling need.

Select Pine: Our best pine. Clear-grained and virtually defect-free, this pine matches well with clear moulding, and is suitable for finish work where only the best, clear pine will do. Low resin content and stable, clear wood fiber make our select pine a beautiful, high-quality, easy-to-finish board. In stock: 1×2–1×12, 5/4×2–5/4×12, any length up to 16′.

Common Pine: Eastern White Pine Premium grade with small, tight knots. A lot of clear wood between knots makes our common stand out from the competition. Perfect for appearance applications where the board will remain exposed. Great for natural finish applications, giving you a classic pine look. Also paints well after knots are sealed. In stock: 1×2–1×12, 5/4×2–5/4×12, any length up to 16′.

Patterns: A variety of “patterns” in pine, cedar and Douglas fir. Often used for interior paneling or exterior siding, patterns offer distinctive planking appearances. Referred to as barn siding, edge and center beads, beaded ceiling, v-groove, and cove, we have the appearance, size, species, and quality to create the look you want.

Pine: Primed, clear, and defect-free pine, ready for installation and the finish coat of paint. We carry the best primed pine, with unmatched primer finish. Your project will go faster with the priming already done. It’s the right product, indoor or out, where a painted, defect-free finish is required. In stock: 1×2–1×12, 5/4×2–5/4×12, any length up to 16′. Price breaks for purchasing 8′ or 16′ lengths.

Cedar Select: “D Select” Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for exterior trim. Virtually defect-free, these boards are reversible, giving you two finishes: one smooth, the other rough sawn. This durable and attractive cedar finishes easily, and works great indoor or out where a cedar appearance or durability is desired. In stock: 1×2–1×12, any length up to 16′.

Smart Trim: Engineered wood trim, defect-free with a deep wood grain embossing, primed and ready to apply. Natural-looking Smart Trim comes in 16’ lengths, installs quickly, needs no special tools, and carries a warranty. Often used with the Smart Side Siding, Smart Trim can be used on its own with any siding—cedar, vinyl, fiber cement or brick. Once you use Smart Trim, you’ll never use another. In stock: 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×12, 5/4×4, 5/4×6, 5/4×8, 5/4×10 all in 16′ lengths.

HardieTrim: Fiber cement trim boards with a smooth finish, often used in combination with Cemplank fiber cement siding. Durable and attractive Cemtrim is an excellent exterior trim board. In stock: 7/8×4, 7/8×5, 7/8×6, all in 10′ lengths. Other widths are readily available.

Kleer: Reliably solid PVC boards that look and feel like the finest lumber. Kleer reversible boards have a white, semi-matte smooth finish, and rich embossed wood grain. Kleer is one of the finest products we’ve seen—it’s beautifully consistent, and doesn’t need to be painted. Kleer boards give you perfectly square edges, uniform thickness, no defects, and no waste. Impervious to insects and moisture, they’re incredibly stable, with no finishing needed. Kleer can be routed, shaped, bent, curved, glued, nailed, or stapled without special tools. 18′ lengths work great for corner boards and fascia. In stock: 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×12, 5/4×4, 5/4×6, all in 18′ lengths. Other thicknesses and widths are readily available.

Douglas Fir Construction Lumber: A straight-grained and resilient timber with a high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s easily worked, and possesses excellent nail holding, gluing and staining properties. The combination of qualities that distinguish Douglas fir—its tough strong fiber, high strength in relation to its weight, and durability combined with dense grain structure and fine texture—gives this wood exceptional versatility. Kiln-dried Douglas fir is a highly regarded premium building product, widely specified for the most demanding structural applications by leading architects, engineers, and builders for a range of construction projects. In stock: 2×4–2×12, up to 26′.

Spruce Construction Lumber (SPF): Premium square-edged, virtually wane-free dimension and studs. Superior quality eliminates waste and improves efficiency. Our spruce lumber is kiln-dried for enhanced stiffness and strength, with reduced shrinkage, warping, and checking. Lightweight strength makes spruce the preferred lumber on many construction sites, well-suited for framing applications. Smooth texture and straight grain ensure easy handling and good installed performance. 2×3×8, 2×4–2×10, up to 16′.

Treated Lumber: The outdoor lumber of choice. Strong, durable treated Southern Yellow Pine is proven to provide long-term protection from rot, decay, and termites. Ideal for outdoor building projects where appearance is important, and protection from the effects of weathering is a priority. We stock high-quality treated lumber in all common sizes—with an emphasis on superior decking and deck accessories—where appearance is important. 2×4–2×12, up to 20′; 1×4–1×8, up to 16′; 5/4×6 radius edge quality decking up to 16′.

Useful Measurement Information:
Measurements unless otherwise noted

1 x 2¾ x 1 ½
1 x 3¾ x 2 ½
1 x 4¾ x 3 ½
1 x 6¾ x 5 ½
1 x 8¾ x 7 ¼
1 x 10¾ x 9 ¼
1 x 12¾ x 11 ¼

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