5 Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Make your dream kitchen a reality

Remodeling your kitchen may seem like an intimidating job, but we have just the thing to make approaching your project easier. Follow these steps, and you’ll avoid the pitfalls of many do-it-yourselfers. Review these basics, then make an appointment to sit down with one of our professional designers.

1. Plan Your Flow

Pay attention to how you move around your kitchen, and you’ll find you can save time and energy with some logical placements. Like cabinets: storing breakfast foods and utensils near your breakfast table, storing wraps and containers in one spot near your work surface for when you wrap leftovers, and storing dishes and silverware near the dishwasher to make unloading easier. Also consider your workflow when preparing meals, to include placement of your refrigerator, counters, sink, stove, and plating area.

Flow also includes the spaces between your work areas, with enough room around cooking surfaces and islands or peninsulas. Keep the cooking area out of high-traffic lanes so children aren’t in danger when moving through the room. Also consider where you want your microwave, storage, and countertops to be.

Keep your open doors clear of each other, and avoid putting appliances in tight corners.

2. Match Form to Function

If you’re planning an island or peninsula, decide if you want to cook there, eat there, wash there, or only use for serving and food preparation. These will determine how close you place them to the cooking areas, and what features they’ll have.

In addition to the work flow, make sure you have enough countertop on either side of your cooking space and refrigerator, as well as leaving some space near the microwave for pre- and post-cooking.

Do you cook a lot, or only occasionally? That will determine how much counter space you need.

Do you want to make some of your kitchen spaces multiple-use? Having spaces for kids to do homework, or guests to serve themselves, makes everyone happier.

3. Don’t Rule Out Conveniences

While we can’t all have everything we want, it’s smart to consider a few conveniences that fit your budget.

Plan for a place to put utensils, spices, cooking oils, pans, pots, and other commonly used cooking aids near the range. Cutlery dividers, spice pullouts, rollout trays, and other options are available. 

Want to save the effort of carrying pots filled with water to the stove? Consider a pot filler, a swing-out water tap to fill posts directly next to the cooktop.

In addition to a pull-out trash pedestal, consider a separate eco-cabinet to hold containers for each type of material you recycle (glass, plastic, metal, paper).

Are you a budding wine connoisseur? How about splurging on a wine cooler or built-in bottle holders? Like staying organized? Ask us about features and options to help you and family members of all ages. Also consider adding multiple outlets along the backsplash, island, or peninsula for all your power and charging needs.

4. Materials Matter

Choosing the right materials and surfaces can save you time, effort, and stress later. Glass refrigerator shelves are easier to clean; flush-set or under-mount sinks avoid crumb accumulating edges; and matte finishes on countertops hide the dirt. Glass doors and shelves can lighten your space and allow for more design options. Lighter colors can also make a smaller space feel larger and more welcoming. We can also suggest lighting schemes to match your space, requirements, and budget.

5. Design Around Your Room’s True Personality

We can help you work to design your kitchen to match your tastes, aesthetics, and personality. All your elements, from cabinets and countertops to appliances, lighting, and patterns, should complement and complete your space. We help you create a kitchen that is more than a collection of features; it will work as a whole, and make your life easier and more fulfilling.

Start with a Checklist

Organizing your effort from the start will make your entire remodeling project smoother, easier, and faster. That’s why we’ve created a Kitchen Planning Checklist to help you get started. Visit our Kitchen Department page to sign up for your free checklist, and when you have your information together, make an appointment to meet with one of our designers to start creating your new kitchen.

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