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Fire and Moisture Resistance, Easy To Install

When you’re ready to insulate, choosing the right insulation can make a big difference in the installation time and effort, and the comfort of your home or commercial building for many years to come. Roxul insulation has a number of distinct advantages that make it the go-to choice for many professionals.

Roxul—which is slowly changing its brand over to “Rockwool” after its corporate parent company—makes and supplies a full range of smart and sustainable “stone wool” insulation products for construction use. You can find products for attic insulation, flat roof insulation, exterior and interior wall insulation, floor insulation, and ceiling insulation, as well as a full range of commercial and OEM insulation applications.

Advantages of Roxul

  1. Made from stone (basalt rock) and recycled steel slag.
    These readily available and sustainable materials make Roxul more durable, less irritating, and less dusty than fiberglass batt.
  2. Higher R-values than fiberglass insulation.
    For the same thickness, Roxul provides a higher R-value, or for a given target R-value, you can use a less thick Roxul batt choice, making installation more convenient (e.g. Roxul 3.5” thick = R15 and 5.5” thick = R23 vs. Fiberglass: 3.5” thick = R11 and 5.5” thick = R19.)
  3. Moisture resistant.
    Roxul actually repels water, and won’t absorb moisture like its competitors. This keeps your insulation spaces dryer, and prevents degradation of the adjoining construction material.
  4. Completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold, and bacterial growth.
    Over the long term, Roxul keeps performing without compromising the health and integrity of your home or commercial building.
  5. Fire resistant.
    Roxul gives you peace of mind with a fire resistant design that makes safety a high priority in your living space.
  6. Rodent-resistant.
    Roxul’s steel content keeps rodents out of your insulated space.
  7. Does not itch.
    Anyone who has worked with fiberglass knows the continuing pain of this itchy material. Roxul solves that problem upfront.
  8. All-friction fit.
    Make your installation easier and faster. Simply cut Roxul slightly larger than the space, then easily wedge in for a tight, convenient fit.
  9. Easy to cut precisely with a serrated blade.
    A bread-knife blade is all you need (Roxul has them available) to quickly and precisely cut pieces to fit, as well as cut out spaces for electrical boxes and other wall features.
  10. Denser than traditional fiberglass insulation.
    Roxul effectively reduces airflow and essentially, sound transmissions. Its higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation for a quieter environment.

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